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The hectic pace of life today, coupled with irregular eating & sleeping habits, the tough working conditions, competitive atmosphere at work, and lack of time for oneself all lead to stress. Continuous exposure to stress predisposes a person to a number of health problems. From common cold to cancer almost all diseases commonly seen today are either caused by stress or are aggravated by it.

We are also exposed to a number of toxic substances through food, water and air. These toxins accumulate in he body and overtime cause damage to the body and mind.

Sleep, one of the most important pillars of health is also often disturbed or inadequate, leading to loss of energy and vitality, reduction in immunity and faulty repair of the body and mind.

The process of aging is accelerated by the action of these factors and the different parts of the body start getting into wear and tear earlier than they normally would. Postural issues related to work and lack of exercises further aggravate the situation leading to aches and pains in different parts of the body.

The health gradient gradually is on a downward slide without one getting any inkling of it!

But the good news is that,it can be prevented.

Ayurveda, offers a comprehensive solution to the problems of this nature. A number of extremely relaxing therapies, detoxification programs and rejuvenating therapies that are described in the traditional Indian system of healing have been perfected for over the 80 years at AVN. The experienced Ayurvedic Physicians craft exquisite programs that are meticulously rendered by the trained team of therapists at AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital.

These programs comprise of series of therapies done in a step-by-step manner, over different periods of time as a process which can enable one to attain the desired results. Various modes of combining the therapies with modifications to the duration, number of sessions, the intensity of the therapy, the medicaments used etc offer the experienced Ayurvedic Physicians with innumerable options. Thereby one could achieve the desired results through many different modes. At AVN Arogya we offer you a whole range of programs to suit their needs and convenience.

Preventive healthcare programs at AVN Arogya

Leverging the strength of Ayurveda in helping the person retain good health and longivity, the team at the Department of Preventive medicine have crafted a number of preventive Healthcare programs integrating Ayurveda, Yoga , Naturopathy, Diet, Fitness and relaxation.

The process for a full fledged preventive healthcare program begins with a detailed assessment of the risk profile of a person, by integrating the information obtained from a Master Healthcheck up which might have already been performed or speciually ordered for, with a detailed Ayurvedic assessment of bodily constitution. A comprehensive profile is drawn-up and a detailed program is drawn up to mitigate the risks. The program is designed and delivered in several formats to suit the convenience of different catagories of patients.

The interventions for preventive healthcare programs include

  • Advice on Diet suited to one’s constitution.
  • Daily and Seasonal Routines and regimen.
  • Yoga & Fitness programs tailor-made for each person
  • Certain medicines to tune-up the systems of the body or to correct the imbalances
  • Therapies for Detoxification, De-stressing and retarding Degeneration which help the immune system, slow down ageing and retard the progress of degeneration of the various tissues of the body and helps one keep himself mentally relaxed and fit.
  • Rasayana – Herbs or Herbal preparatiosn to retard ageing.

The following preventive healthcare programs are offered.

  • Comprehensive mind and body fitness programs
  • Detoxification programs
  • Stress relief programs
  • Rejuvenation programs
  • Anti ageing programs
  • Immunity enhancement program
  • Program for cardiac health
  • Weight management fitness program
  • Skin & beauty care program
  • Women’s health program
  • Bone & muscle health program
  • Panchakarma retreats at avn arogya
  • Yoga Retreats at AVN Arogya

The Doctors treation will visit you in your rooms once a day and their assistant physicians would visit you twice a day to ensure that all developments with regard to your health are observed, recorded and passed on to your treating physician for further decision and action. They are also available and may be contacted any time you need their assistance.

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